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Modern English Medium School in Visnagar | Shri Sahajanand English Medium School in Visnagar | Pre Primary Education in Visnagar - Shri Sahajanand English Medium School - Visnagar - Gujarat,India.
English Medium School Campus near Mehsana Cross Road in Visnagar | Modern English Medium School in Visnagar | Shri Sahajanand English Medium School in Visnagar - Shri Sahajanand English Medium School - Visnagar - Gujarat,India.

About Shri Sahajanand School

Shri Sahajanand School is one of the oldest non commercial institutions imparting affordable quality English Medium education to the masses of Visnagar and surrounding region. It is managed by Shri Sahajanand Sanskardham Trust. Our school offers education starting from Nursery to Std. 12TH Science and Commerce. This school was initially started by Shri Udayan Maharaja under the directives and blessings of H. H. Shri Tejendraprasadji and H. H. Koshalendraprasadji Maharajshri.

The School began its first year with 110 students, and as of now more than 2000 students study in our school. The first batch of Grade 12 students graduated from the Shri Sahajanand School in the AY 2010-11.

The School is governed by a Twelve-member board of directors. Knowledge, Respect, Social Responsibility, Creativity and Celebration are the core values which the School decided to adopt as a part of its identity.

From the time of its inception – since 1999, it has made tremendous strides in the field of education and has helped to build the competence and the commitment of the teachers, developing their insight and drawing strength from their experiences which has helped, in creating a strong bond between the child and the institution. The school actively supports and encourages the professional growth of the faculty and the staff. It’s a matter of great pride for the school that it has been securing 100 percent result in 10TH and 12TH board examinations since its beginning.

Your interest and trust in Shri Sahajanand School comes at a point of positive and significant growth in our school. The school offers state of the art modern educational infrastructure and teaching aids, rich syllabus and pedagogy, continuous assessment programs, ensure all round development of the students through various sports, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities like music, karate, skating, yoga & meditation, mineral water and healthy breakfast facility, modern computer and science laboratories, CCTV surveillance in entire school. The process of growth and constant improvement is never ending at the school.

Message from the desk of Principal

Dear Parents and Visitors,

Warm Welcome to Shri Sahajanand English Medium School.

Wish you a warm welcome to the new session 2015-16 and may all your dreams and hopes to see your child emerging as an achiever in the field of academics and other important skills get fulfilled.

Education is the most powerful instrument of change. It has to be meaningful for meeting the challenges of the present and the future. In a globalised world, in addition to knowledge, attitude and skills play an equally important role to determine success

Affordable Quality English Medium Education for one and all is our prime vision being one of the oldest and leading English medium schools of the North Gujarat region. Being an ideal school we continuously ensure best education to our students so that they are converted into successful citizens filled with human virtues of creativity knowledge, brotherhood, sensitivity to the environment with best moral values and true sportsman spirit in their capabilities. We are determined to provide safe, orderly, disciplined and creative environment to channelize the potential of children and guide them for the excellence in all fields of learning.

School is able to maintain its position at the top in terms of board results of class X and XII (Science and Commerce) through 100% result since beginning. Our numerous students have been successful in entrance examinations for further studies in prestigious institutions. Also the continuous success of our students in sports and other academic activities held at District, State and National level is a reflection of the overall development and continuous efforts.

With the trail of development marking the significant changes over the last few years, the school is now very well equipped with its continuously improving infrastructure and modern facilities which have proved to be instrumental in the physical and mental development of the students.

Our highly experienced and devoted teaching faculty is also constantly upgraded through educational workshops and they are equipped with best teaching aids and technology. We also have a highly experienced non teaching staff of the school, fully dedicated for the safety, security and well being of the students.

We appreciate the involvement of the parent community and their feedback for the improvement and betterment of school system. Looking forward to your participation and cooperation to the school for a meaningful education to your children.

Message from the desk of Founder Chairman H.H. 1008 Acharya Shri Tejendraprasadji Maharajshri (Founder Chairman - Shri Sahajanand Sanskardham, Visnagar)

IOur heartiest blessings to the newly opened website of our Sahajanand School.
I am very pleased to learn about the steady progress of our institution under the able guidance of Shree Udayanbhai and our most devoted staff.
Congratulations and Best Wishes.

Jai Swaminarayan.

Message from the desk of Managing Director

It gives me immense pleasure to introduce Shri Sahajanand School to you which is known for quality English medium education at very affordable fees starting from Nursery to Std. 12 Science and Commerce. At present more than 2000 students study in our school and our school is one of the leading institutions in entire Visnagar City and surrounding region.

It has been a dream for more than 20 years to establish a school preserving the best in all human achievement, and developing a community of highly cultured individuals who seek goodness in all human kind by H.H. Aacharya Shree Tejendraprasaji of Swaminarayan Sampraday.

The Sahajanand English Medium School was established in year 1999, committed to empower children to explore the best in themselves and the world around them. The aim is to help them become lifelong learners and problem solvers who learn to balance both mental and physical challenges.

It is our vision to prepare better citizens of tomorrow by imparting quality education at affordable fees. Our school offers a comprehensive curriculum, which allows students to live the 21st century with all the skills necessary to be well-spoken, well-understood, confident, and capable. Jointly, all of our students pass out with not only with a meritorious result but also a sense of identity that is strong and guides them in all paths of their lives.

The Sahajanand School is providing students with a balance between content and the skills they need to apply to future academic and life situations. The Sahajanand School emphasize higher thinking skills, including analysis, evaluation, synthesis, and creation. The school’s independence allows faculty to explore best practices and promote inquiry-based and critical thinking. Small class sizes allow teachers to get to know each student as an individual and use that knowledge to continually challenge and motivate students in their academic pursuits.

While completing 15 years successfully, with proud I am very much thankful to the Shri Sahajanand Sanskardham Trust and co-operation given by all parents and well wishers. My team of well experienced and well qualified teacher is the biggest asset of our school without their contribution and support it is impossible for me and the management to get this shining success, name and fame of the school in entire North Gujarat region.

I convey my best wishes for this new academic year to all my students, teachers and parents.